Monday, July 9, 2012

SIte seeing in Seoul

Yesterday we visited Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery.  It is a place where many foreign missionaries who gave their lives for the gospel are buried.  Their stories were amazing. ...and humbling.  One lady Ruby Rachel Kendrick, was only in Korea for 9 months before she died of illness.  However, before she died she wrote a letter home encouraging people to give their lives to foreign missions in Asia.  Her letter did not arrive until after her death, however, her letter inspired 20 others to go into foreign missions. 

Another man, H.G.Underwood, came to Korea in 1885.  He laid his life down in Korea by translating the Bible into Korean, founding the first Korean Presbyterian Church, and a Yansei University.  Then four generations more of his family continued this tradition and are buried with him in Yanghwajin.

All of these people gave much and it tore my heart.  That they would sail across the ocean to live amongst a people they had never known, but felt called by God to go.  I wonder in awe at how God takes peoples' hearts and knits them to countries and plants seeds in their hearts to go.  It makes me want to sell everything I have and go.

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