Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Team photo!

Here is the team! Joanna, Michele, Bill, Alexandria, Julie, Dave, Jared and Matt.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


                    Introducing Knox-Seoul 

    This blog's purpose is to give you (my friends, church and family members) a chance to see what goes on in an upcoming mission trip my church, Cornerstone Church of Knoxville, is sending to Seoul S.Korea. My team's goal is to come alongside Lords Grace Church of Seoul to build relationships with the members, and their pastor, Songhwan. We will also be serving in an English camp where we hope to share the gospel with students -ranging from elementary school to High school- in fun and creative ways. Expect to see everything from pictures to videos posted here from me and my fellow teammates: Jared, Julie, Matt, Joanna, Michelle, and David!

OH, but first we have to get there. The Plane takes off at 7:30 am July 4! (Now you have to wait like us hehe) But please be praying for us and for Lords Grace Church.